"For the past few years the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) has worked with Teaching and Learning Solutions (TLS) to provide training and support to school administrators. The DOE requires school administrators to be trained in the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT) and to meet certification standards to conduct evaluation observations using the FFT. TLS has played an instrumental role in providing the expertise around this work. TLS is truly a partner, working along side us to meet our training needs, timelines, and to also meet the unique needs of our school administrators. All of this is done while maintaining rigor and fidelity to the FFT. We are appreciate the collaboration and responsiveness of Dr. Miller and TLS." Iris Tomita HI DOE Administrator of Professional Development
Honolulu, HI
"Teaching and Learning Solutions has been a partner with LAUSD since the beginning of our district's collaborative development of tools and processes for ensuring objective observation of teaching practices (2010). This work continues to enable our teachers to receive the feedback they deserve in order to grow as professionals. Together with members of the TLS team, LAUSD has created frameworks that provide clear descriptions of the complex work of teaching, and designed and provided professional development for both observers and classroom teachers, to ensure that, as a district, we share common language and a clear lens through which to view, reflect upon, and enhance teaching and learning, to ensure high quality learning experiences for every student. This work has grown to include the development of frameworks for site administrators as well, so that educators' evaluations and feedback conversations are grounded in objective observations and are focused in support of student learning. I'm proud to have worked closely with TLS to launch and sustain this work in the nation's second largest school district!" Debra Laidley Administrative Coordinator
Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA
Crossbow Educational Consulting Crossbow Educational Consulting teams with TLS to provide statistical analysis, design recommendations, and reporting for individuals, schools, districts, and states. » go to website
Community Assistance and Training Center (CTAC) CTAC, a national leader in the field of Student Learning Objectives (SLO), partners with TLS on state (NY State) and district level projects designed to assist school leaders and teachers construct measurable SLOs to ensure that targeted student populations achieve at high levels. » go to website
Sierra Educational Consulting Sierra Educational Consulting includes a team of professional developers with the single goal of providing the highest quality professional development possible in order to increase teacher and student learning. At Sierra Ed, we recognize that adult learning, like student learning, requires a differentiated approach. We therefore make it a priority to collaborate with our clients and create a customized plan for professional development that directly addresses the needs of schools and districts. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients, as well as observable gains in student achievement. » go to website
Performance Matters TLS and PM (formerly TrueNorthLogic) co-created an electronic solution for districts that allows for in depth observer training, actual classroom observations, and professional development to ensure continued calibration of observers. This leads to greater inter-rater reliability and agreement among observers, and in turn helps districts know where to focus professional development for observers and teachers. » go to website
GoReact GoReact is the #1 tool for teaching performance-based skills in person and online. It’s an interactive cloud-based video software for feedback coaching and critique educator practice. Educators upload/record video submissions to GoReact where coaches and/or peers leave automatically time-coded text, video or audio feedback. Coaches can also include feedback/scoring via custom rubrics and use comprehensive reports to track engagement and improvement over time. For more information go to www.goreact.com » go to website
PDL Consultants PDL Consultants is comprised of talented educational leaders and researchers who focus on developing and supporting district and school leaders. PDL Consultants help systems develop learning cultures that meet the needs of all children - in the world in which they will live. Led by Dr. Philip D. Lanoue, who has received both state and national recognition for his educational leadership, PDL Consultants are committed to supporting the totality of the work of schools required for the success of all students by “taking them to places they never thought they could be". » go to website